Avbela Web Development

Small business website development to help you establish your brand!  We can create a website to build your brand, establish e-commerce lines, and subscription based sites to build your client base.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We only bill after the design is approved by you!

The Brand Builder

A powerful and basic website designed to get your business noticed!

The Web Mogul

Great, straight-forward commerce sites.  Streamlined to facilitate ease of use and versatility!

The Source Collection

A subscription based website is a great way to manage your client’s needs and send targetted email!

The Brand Builder

Simple, fast websites designed to increase your brand awareness and give you web presence

Our basic website comes with 1 year of hosting, free maintenance, 10 pages, outgoing links, domain name, blog, onboard SEO, Google and Bing indexing, and 1 business email.

This website is an example of our basic small business website!

The Brand Builder
The Web Mogul Package

E-commerce solutions

The Web Mogul Package is a great start to showcasing your products online!  We design an online store for your business to sell and advertise!

Local indexing

Get your business and your products listed locally so customers can find you!

Product line

Help your customers see your products and what makes them better than the other stuff.

Online sales and shipping

We create an online paygate where your custoemrs can purchase products and notify you at the same time!


Online marketing is a great way to expand your client base.  Buying things online is easy and fast! 

The Source Collection

Subscription based website

This package is geared toward a website that is subscription based.  This model is great for establishing a renewable membership program for products/services.  The Source Collection includes 15 pages, outgoing links, domain name, 1 year of hosting, free maintenance, onboard SEO, Google and Bing indexing, membership subscription services, and 1 business email.

Membership based

View and manage your membership online.  Easily send promotional emails!


Include a commercial product aspect in the website for easy access to your product line!


When your database needs to expand, we can easily scale your application to fit your needs!


A great forum for feedback, conversations, and targetted marketing!

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The internet is absolutely necessary to expand a client base.  Your friends and family know where you are, but what about all the other people out there?  They need gizmos too!  Avbela Web Development is focused on providing  small business website development  to help your business grow at reasonable rates.