The Brand Builder Basic Website

The Brand Builder Basic Website

This website is designed for the small business owner.  When a potential client is deciding what brand of product to buy, or where to buy it, they are likely to use the internet.  Building your web presence is exactly how to capitalize on developing a new client base!

No Assembly Required
Our basic website package is exactly what you need to start building your web presence! The whole internet can be a subtle marketing platform for you but only if you’re on it! Help customers find you and show how your company is unique and better with your own custom website. The entire website you are viewing is considered a brand builder website!
The Brand Builder comes with up to 10 pages of unique content. We include as many outgoing links as you specify. With this package you also get a domain name (website address), 1 year free hosting and maintenance, blog, and onboard search engine optimization (SEO). We also get your website listed on Google and Bing and provide 1 business email.
Adding pages after the site is published, or changing information on the site will usually cost about $50. We can add business email accounts and extend server space if needed. There are also optional extra SEO packages that we can use for an additional cost. The first year of hosting is included in the initial cost. Yearly hosting after that is $150.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We want to construct the website you want to represent your business online. Therefore, no brand builder websites will be billed until the final design is approved.

Some information from other small business pros

Businesses today must have some web presence to make themselves known.  Here are some examples of other small business professionals explaining in more detail.

The Balance Small Business

Susan Ward wrote an excellent article in May 2019 about why small businesses need websites.  She explains the entire windfall of benfits very well.  See her article in the balance small business.

Mark Brinker and Associates

In June, 2019, Mark Brinkler and Associates published an article about small business websites.  They discovered that having an out of date or bad website is worse than not having one at all!

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As a small business owner myself, I know how frustrating it is to be swamped with calls about marketing.  To combat that we strive for the highest levels of efficiency.  An estimate for your website is always free!