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Setting a website up for e-commerce does not have to be a huge expense!  When you put your store online, you can show everyone in your area your products and prices.  Avbela can set up a local e-commerce website that will act as an online store and passive marketing!


The Web Mogul Package is everything you need to get started selling gizmos online. This will allow you to show your customers everything in your product line! Help people in your area find you and your products and services here. This package is specially designed to be a basic, local e-commerce website. Utilizing a simple online store is the best way to bring potential customers to you!


The Web Mogul Package includes 15 pages, any outgoing links you need, and free maintenance. With purchase you also get a domain name, 1 year of hosting, and 1 business email! Additionally, this package includes onboard local search engine optimization (SEO), Google and Bing indexing, and local maps indexing. We also include online payments with notifications to ship/hold products and up to 5 different products for sale.


As with all our other product lines, you will only pay after the design is completed! We do this to make sure there is no pressure on you and the website you want is the one you get! The website will be the first interaction most people have with your company, so we want it to be right!


The Web Mogul Package is very flexible to include any different type of product or service. We are able to provide scaling to accommodate a wide product line and extra server space if needed. Extra products and pages typically cost about $50 each, and there is an optional onboard SEO upgrade. We can also add extra business emails. Also, we could include a subscription based area. You will have full access to your user database for advanced marketing and email lists.

The Web Mogul E-Commerce Website

Heres some information from some outside experts.  Hosting an e-commerce website does not need to be expensive or difficult.  Our websites will notify you when a product needs to be held or shipped.  All applicable taxes are handled inside the website.  Showcasing your product with local SEO can help your business reach new levels!

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Rachel Blakely-Gray wrote a great article showing how e commerce sites help businesses.

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Heres another article from the Huff Post about how small businesses benefit from e-commerce websites

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Avbela Web Development can create a great e-commerce website for you.  We focus on small businesses and that allows us to use a friendlier pricing structure!